Car Export to Europe: Facilitating the International Sales Process

At Impo-Expo, we specialize in exporting vehicles to countries throughout Europe, providing a comprehensive service that simplifies the process for our clients. With an extensive network of contacts and experience in the sector, we stand out for our efficiency and professionalism in every transaction.

One of the main advantages of working with us is our ability to manage all logistical and administrative aspects of the export. From preparing the necessary documents to coordinating transportation, we take care of everything to ensure a sale that complies with all legal requirements and offers maximum transparency for our clients.

We have direct contacts with trusted transportation companies, allowing us to offer competitive rates and fast delivery times. Additionally, thanks to our experience in intra-community operations, we can carry out VAT-exempt exports by working with industry professionals.

Our service includes the electronic deregistration of the vehicle, which streamlines the process and avoids legal complications. We ensure that each step is carried out efficiently and in accordance with current regulations so that our clients can enjoy a hassle-free experience.


Whether you want to sell a car for export or are interested in acquiring second-hand export vehicles, Impo-Expo has the perfect solution for you. Our commitment to excellence in customer service has made us leaders in the market, and we are ready to help you achieve your export goals.

Trust us to take your business to the next level. Contact us today for more information about our car export services to Europe. We are here to help you succeed in the international market!

20 Years Working Together

IMPO-EXPO, founded in 2008 by Alex and Natallia, has become a leading company in the Costa del Sol region, specializing in the buying and selling of taxi and public service vehicles. With over 10 years in the market, the company is renowned for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
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